Don Matteo 11
Year: 2017
Format: 26x50'
Genre: Detective - Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Don Matteo 11

There is a lot of excitement in Spoleto over the new Captain’s arrival. Marshal Cecchini is on edge as he stands in front of the Carabineer station, lacking the courage to go inside. Just then Don Matteo arrives. He tells Cecchini not to be upset that Tommasi left. The new Captain will surely appreciate Cecchini’s significant expertise. Cecchini is finally convinced and walks inside to meet the new, young Captain… who, surprisingly is a woman! Anna Olivieri, one of the very few woman officers on the force. 
Anna has just arrived in Spoleto to fulfill two dreams- to hold the position of Captain and be with her longtime boyfriend, Giovanni Santucci, a bright young lawyer. Now that they are living in the same city, they can finally take the next big step. The only thing is, Giovanni is thinking about taking a different kind of “big step” in his life. He wants to become a priest. Anna holds Don Matteo responsible for this decision.
Anna’ sister, Chiara, studies at the University of Perugia. Contrary to Anna, Chiara is ditzy, a bit frivolous and dedicates more time to make-up than to her studies. While Anna has always had to hide her feminine side behind her uniform, Chiara has always used her femininity to her advantage. The two women are so different, yet so close they would do anything to help one another.
In addition to Anna, there are two other new ‘guests’ at the carabineer station. First, there’s Marco Nardi, the new Public Prosecutor. He is good looking, sophisticated and well-trained at his job, but always ready with a snappy and often razor-sharp comeback, especially when it comes to women. He seems to be quite the male chauvinist, even though his cynicism hides a deep wound. The new prosecutor immediately butts heads with Captain Anna, weaving a relationship with her built on dislike, respect, friendship and finally… love?
In the background, we have Corporal Romeo Zappavigna. Loyal, bright and precise even when things go awry, he naturally becomes Captain Anna’s favorite. This obviously irks Marshal Cecchini to the point in which every now and then he engages in some pleasant harassment of his own. Zappavigna even begins a relationship with Assuntina, Cecchini’s daughter, news the Marshal does not take lightly.
Another newcomer in Cecchini’s life is Cosimo, a little boy with no mother and a fugitive father. Cosimo is also the son of the woman involved in the accident that took the life of Cecchini’s daughter Patrizia, and the man is initially hostile towards the boy. With the help of Don Matteo, who decides to welcome the boy into the rectory, the Marshal becomes attached to Cosimo, who is desperately in search of a father.
Meanwhile, Don Matteo welcomes Sofia into the rectory too. Sofia is only sixteen and has lost everything, her house and her parents. She does not want to stay in Spoleto. Her life is in Rome and she will do anything to go back. Don Matteo’s extraordinary interpersonal (and investigative) skills lead him to the truth about Sofia… she was adopted and her guardian had brought her to Spoleto to bring her closer to her birth mother, Rita Levi, the gym teacher at Sofia’s high school.
Rita is also the one responsible for organizing visitors for Alice, a girl who fell into a coma after a hit-and-run crash. They call her “Sleeping Beauty” and her friends take turns keeping her company, sitting by her, speaking to her and making her feel loved. It was mostly Alice’s parents who asked for the visitors because they believe it will do their daughter good. Taking advantage of this situation, Sofia meets Alice and becomes friends with Seba, Alice’s boyfriend. He wants to see Alice too, to be near her and speak to her, but Alice’s parents won’t allow it. They hold him in some way responsible for the accident. Their daughter had gone to that party with him and it was “his responsibility” to bring her back safe and sound. Instead, Alice had walked home all by herself. Sofia is moved by the situation and decides to help Seba get close to Alice… that is, until something more than friendship blossoms between her and Seba. Now what if Alice wakes up?
Seba must decide who he wants to be with- Alice, who he feels responsible for and who takes advantage of this weak spot of his to keep him by her side, or Sofia, the girl he is surprisingly getting closer and closer to, but is complicated and distant?
Even Anna must face her true feelings. After her great disappointment with Giovanni, she becomes closer to Marco and the conditions between them seem favorable for a romantic love story… until Chiara, Anna’s sister, comes to Spoleto and falls for Marco herself! Anna is unable to voice her emotions and Marco is caught up in Chiara’s charm. Meanwhile, Giovanni realizes he isn’t really cut out for priesthood and asks Anna to marry him. Yet Anna’s heart now belongs to Marco and when Chiara realizes that Marco is also in love with her sister, Anna and Marco are finally able to live out their love story.
Things are more complicated for Rita. She needs to recover from being raped, find the strength to forgive her aggressor and start being the mother Sofia needs.
And Don Matteo? As always, he watches over all the characters, helping them, encouraging them and making decisions that are sometimes difficult, but which always come from the heart.

Episode 1, “The Most Beautiful Error”

Sofia, a sixteen-year old girl who wants to flee from Spoleto, is suspected of killing her guardian. Father Matteo decides to welcome her into the rectory but discovers the bitter truth about the girl’s past. Meanwhile, at the police station, everyone is excited about the arrival of the new Captain, who has some surprises in store for Cecchini…

Episode 2, “Scenes from a Wedding”

While a husband and wife are at the center of police investigations, Cecchini realizes that Captain Anna wants to replace him with a woman. Marshal Cecchini does everything he can to prove he can multi-task as well as a woman… The new public prosecutor, Marco Nardi, after having run from the altar, arrives at the police station and has little patience for the female gender. Meanwhile, on her first day at her new school, Sofia gets into an argument with Seba, a cheeky boy who is keeping something secret…

Episode 3, “Salvation”

The Carabineers are investigating the assault of a woman involved in the same accident Cecchini lost his daughter in a few years earlier. Father Matteo welcomes the victim’s little boy, Cosimo, into the rectory.  Cecchini becomes close to the boy, maybe because he doesn’t know who his mother is… Meanwhile, Seba is trying to find a way to embrace his girlfriend Alice. Maybe Sofia is just the one who could help him…

Episode 4, “For Their Own Good”

Cecchini receives an unexpected visit from an old friend from the Academy, who has now become a successful business man. Marshal Cecchini takes advantage of a misunderstanding with his friend to pretend, unbeknownst to Anna, that he is the Captain. Besides, Anna is currently caught up with her emotions due to a case that has forced her to work side by side her ex-boyfriend Giovanni. Meanwhile, a phone call arrives at the station. Outside a night club, the dead body of a man in a priest’s cassock was found lying next to a bicycle… 

Episode 5, “Real Riches”

One of Sofia’s friends from school was attacked. The Carabineers and Father Matteo investigate into the dynamics of the assault. Meanwhile, Captain Anna is determined to win back her ex-boyfriend, who is thinking about becoming a priest. Cecchini, unbeknownst to the Captain, tries to help in her endeavor with a full-proof plan that, unavoidably, even involves the public prosecutor. Sofia, instead, begins to suspect that Seba is cheating on Alice. 

Episode 6, “The Price of Talent”

The Carabineers and Father Matteo investigate into a case whose prime suspect is a young singer. Will Anna succeed in remaining unbiased even though the singer is Giovanni’s ex-girlfriend? Meanwhile, Cecchini discovers that Corporal Zappavigna has inherited an enormous sum of money. He starts to coddle his subordinate, who, in any case, has a very unexpected surprise in store for the Marshal.

Episode 7, “Mistaken Love”

A girl falls victim to acts of bullying. Yet what if the bullyers were actually adults? Meanwhile, the public prosecutor asks Cecchini to help him hide his dog…his ex-girlfriend has come to Spoleto to get it back. Chiara, instead, tries to teach her sister Anna the secrets to being irresistible to men… And, what if the friendship between Sofia and Seba was blossoming into something more?  


Episode 8, “I’ll Take Care of You”

Father Matteo meets an eccentric, but confused woman who he offers a room at the rectory. Of course, there was no way he could have known what the woman’s past conceals. Meanwhile, Captain Anna sees Cecchini with a woman who is not his wife… Everything in Sofia’s life, instead, is about to change after an unexpected awakening.

Episode 9, “My Justice”

While the Carabineers investigate into the murder of an accomplished lawyer, Father Matteo discovers something obscure about Sofia’s past. Meanwhile, Cecchini takes advantage of a minor injury to get out of work and leaves everything in the hands of Zappavigna. Now that Alice has woken up from the coma, it is getting harder and harder for Sofia to hide her feelings for Seba…

Episode 10, “Night of the Spirit”

There’s been a murder inside the monastery where Father Matteo and the others have gone on a pilgrimage and a priceless manuscript has been stolen. The group investigates to uncover the secret the mysterious abbey holds. Meanwhile, Anna and Giovanni share an unexpected kiss during a moment of intimacy…

Episode 11, “Just A Child”

Francesca is only 13 years old and is already a prodigy ballerina. She is willing to do anything to defend her dream, maybe even hurt someone she loves. Meanwhile, the public prosecutor and Cecchini accidentally deliver Captain Anna’s pendant to an elderly woman who mistakes the two of them respectively for her dead husband and housekeeper. The pendant was a gift from Giovanni and Anna is particularly attached to it. How far will Nardi and Cecchini go to get back the pendant? Meanwhile, Alice returns to school and asks Sofia for help in organizing a party for Seba…

Episode 12, “Choose Me!”

A girl is found dying on the set of a reality show. Captain Anna must go undercover to investigate and pretends to be a contestant on the show, conjuring up all her feminine charm to appear credible. The public prosecutor can’t help but notice this charming new Captain. Meanwhile, Anna has left the station in the hands of Cecchini, who takes the responsibility much too seriously. At the rectory, Pippo decides to leave to finally fulfill his dream…

Episode 13, “Broken Hearts”

While everyone is investigating into a case linked to a mysterious love story that blossomed in prison, Elisa, Captain Anna’s mother, arrives in Spoleto. Anna, however, still hasn’t told her she and Giovanni have broken up. Cecchini tries to help Captain Anna by indulging her mother’s whims, but things quickly get out of hand. Meanwhile, Sofia finds her birth certificate, but something’s not right…

Episode 14, “A Normal Family”

While the Carabineers investigate into a serious episode of bullying, Carlo Conti arrives in Spoleto to film an episode of his show. Cosimo would love to be involved, but he needs the mother and the father he doesn’t have. Cecchini, thus, construes the perfect family for the young boy…

Episode 15, “A Personal Question”

A young lawyer is accused of murder and the public prosecutor believes he is guilty. What if Anna finds out that the lawyer is the one responsible for Marco’s wedding being broken off? The public prosecutor and Captain Anna realize they both carry wounds from the past. Meanwhile, Cecchini finds out Zappavigna has never told his parents he is a carabineer and takes advantage of the situation to cause trouble for him and Assuntina. Sofia, instead, forces Seba to make a decision, but he finally tells her the truth about Alice’s accident.  

Episode 16, “One of Those”

Oksana, a Ukrainian prostitute, accuses Barba of having harassed and assaulted her. Father Matteo and the others investigate to clear their friend’s name. Meanwhile, Cecchini becomes the heir of a large fortune from a wealthy woman as long as he takes care of her beloved rabbit. Captain Anna and the public prosecutor, instead, must speak about the kiss they shared in a moment of weakness.  

Episode 17, “Parents and Children”

While everyone is investigating into the aggression against a psychotherapist, Captain Anna’s sister Chiara returns to Spoleto after yet another disappointing love story. Cecchini offers to take her out to distract her, but immediately loses track of her. Marshal Cecchini asks the public prosecutor to help him find the woman.  Meanwhile, Sofia is determined to find out who her real father is.

Episode 18, “Father Matteo Held Prisoner”

Father Matteo is kidnapped and held prisoner by Isabel, a young woman desperately trying to escape. Meanwhile, a young new and inexperienced priest arrives at the rectory.  Everyone is worried that he is there to replace Father Matteo, so Cecchini makes him believe that Spoleto is a very dangerous place to be. As usual, however, things get out of hand. Chiara, instead, makes the senseless decision to go back to her ex-boyfriend.  

Episode 19, “Who Are You?”

While the Carabineers investigate into the murder of a highly-regarded chef, Cecchini picks up on a little something more than just friendship between the public prosecutor and Captain Anna. To make Anna jealous and ignite the spark of romance, Marshal Cecchini convinces the town veterinarian to seduce the public prosecutor. When Cecchini’s plan doesn’t work out, he decides to set them up on a blind date, but the girl that shows up is not Anna… Meanwhile, Sofia discovers who her real father is, but the truth is completely unexpected.

Episode 20, “One-Way”

Young Federico is quickly heading off to Switzerland for “end-of-life treatment” when his friend Lara is attacked and his plans are put aside. Meanwhile, Cecchini discovers a woodworm infestation in his house. Cecchini, Captain Anna and Chiara, thus, ask the public prosecutor if they can stay with him. Chiara is thrilled and does nothing to hide her interest in Marco. What does Anna do about this strange co-habitation? Sofia, instead, to take revenge on Alice and her mean ways, reveals what really happened the night of the accident.

Episode 21, “The Rift”

While the Carabineers investigate into the apparent suicide of a young man, Cecchini bets the impossible – that he will beat Father Matteo in a game of chess. Captain Anna is a top-notch chess player and teaches him the tricks of the game. In exchange, Cecchini teaches her “sentimental tactics” to win over Marco. Meanwhile, Sofia has disappeared from the rectory…

Episode 22, “Premonitions”

While the Carabineers investigate into a murder that takes place in a house shrouded in mystery, a bike race is held in Spoleto. Marshal Cecchini decides to participate to make Cosimo happy. Cosimo dreams of reaching he father, who he thinks is in Norway, with the prize money. Meanwhile, Sofia goes to Perugia to meet a photographer that Seba thinks is trying to take advantage of her… Will Anna, instead, accept the fact her sister is now dating the public prosecutor or will she do something to win him back?  

Episode 23, “An Entire Lifetime”

When Sofia’s biological father is found dying, the Carabineers suspect Seba and he is put in prison. Meanwhile, Giovanni has left the seminary with the intention of winning back Anna. Cecchini, instead, sees Zappavigna, his daughter’s boyfriend, in the company of an older woman holding a child that looks identical to him!

Episode 24, “The Power of Forgiveness”

Father Matteo and Captain Anna are locked inside a truck that is about to be destroyed in a car press. Knowing she is about to die, Anna sends a goodbye message to the man she loves… Meanwhile, Rita asks Sofia to come and live with her and her husband, to form a real family. What will Sofia say? Seba, instead, seems increasingly more united to Alice and her family.

Episode 25-26, “The Christmas Child”

Cosimo is admitted to the hospital in serious condition. The child is only given a few weeks to live and Cecchini does not give up on fulfilling Cosimo’s one last wish to spend Christmas with his father…but it’s the middle of August! Meanwhile, Giovanni is finally convinced and asks Anna to marry him.




Don Matteo: Terence Hill
Marshal Cecchini: Nino Frassica
Natalina: Nathalie Guettà
Captain Ann Olivieri: Maria Chiara Giannetta
Marco Nardi: Maurizio Lastrico

Directed by: Jan Michelini, Raffaele Androsiglio, Alexis Sweet
Dir. of Photography: Alessandro Pesci
Original Music by: Andrea Guerra