Lux Vide
  Year: 2014
  Beauty and the Beast
Format: Miniseries 2x100 and TV Movie 1x120'  Genre: Drama  Language: English

France, late 1700s. A mysterious castle located in a small village, whose people have been oppressed for years, living under a wicked tyrant… Leon Dalville is a prince who has it all - good looks, love and wealth. One mysterious night, however, he loses everything. His young wife passes away [...]
  Year: 2014
  The Lady with the Black Veil
Format: 12x50'  Genre: Drama  Language: Italian

Clara Grandi Fossŗ is a young and noble woman with a free and rebellious spirit who was separated from her twin brother and forced into an arranged marriage. Despite this, she falls in love with her husband and fights to win his love. However Clara falls victim to her aunt's and cousinís conspira [...]

  Year: 2013
  Anna Karenina
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV Movie 1x120'  Genre: Drama  Language: English

"Happy families are all alike;
Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Anna and Kitty. Two lives. One of desperate passion that ends in tragedy, the other, an existence made real through love. Two destinies that interweave, giving rise to two, so [...]

  Year: 2013
  As White As Milk, As Red As Blood
Format: Feature Film 1x100'  Genre: Drama  Language: Italian

Leo is an ordinary sixteen-year-old boy.
Time he spends at school is a drag, until he meets the new philosophy teacher. This young man is different. He encourages his students to live intensely and follow their dreams.
Leo's dream is Beatrice, the most beautiful girl in the school. The girl [...]

  Year: 2013
  Convent Mysteries 2
Format: 16x50'  Genre: Comedy  Language: Italian

New encounters are in store for Sister Angela. The convent has now become an extended family, its doors always open to whoever needs their help. Sister Angela doesnít perform miracles, but she is always there to lend an ear and listen.

Among the new guests to the convent is Guido Corsi, a l [...]

  Year: 2013
  Don Matteo 9
Format: 26x50'  Genre: Detective/comedy  Language: Italian

“Don Matteo” is back with the same spirit that has warmed audiences for years. The “big family” is made up of Matteo, officers Cecchini and Tommasi then, in the rectory, Natalina and Pippo, and even Laura, the young, single mother of little Ester, who is not so little anym [...]

  Year: 2013
  Romeo and Juliet
Format: Miniseries 2x100' and TV Movie 1x120'  Genre: Drama  Language: English

Lux Vide's remake of the most famous love story of all times offers a new fascinating symbolic approach to the two young lovers' tragedy.

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet do not live in Verona but in the mountains of Northern Italy in a not defined period of the Middle Ages:  the se [...]

  Year: 2013
  Talent High School 2
Format: 24x20'  Genre: Live Action  Language: Italian

After an entire year spent pretending to be Allegra De Magistriis, the day of reckoning has come for Sofia. In fact, De Magistriis in person comes to the night of the musical at the high school!
But instead of exposing Sofia as the false Allegra, De Magistris makes a pact with [...]

  Year: 2013
  The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne
Format: 26x26' target 6-10  Genre: Action Comedy - 70% male and 30% female  Language: English and Italian

19th-century French writer Jules Verne is one of the greatest writers of modern times. His adventure stories have inspired generations of readers. But what would you say if you found out  everything he wrote about in his novels he had actually experienced first-hand, as a boy, reaching the four [...]
  Year: 2012
  Mary of Nazareth
Format: 2x100' and 1x110'  Genre: Drama  Language: English

Chosen for a fate unlike any other

In this respectful approach to the life of the Virgin Mary, the film lets the viewer share in the mystery and adventure of a young girl upon whom a great role is suddenly thrust. From the Annunciation to Easter Sunday, all the stations [...]