Saint Anthony of Padua
Year: 2002
Format: TV movie 1x100'
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian
Co-production: Lux Vide, Mediatrade
In 1221, two shipwreck victims land on the coast of Sicily. Both are dressed in the habit of the Franciscan Order. Their manes are Julius and Anthony. Anthony kneels before the local bishop asking for forgiveness and begins to tell his story. This is how the story of Saint Anthony of Padua begins. The film tells the story of Fernando di Buglione, a young Portuguese man who, despite his father's insistence, chooses to take to the cloth, changing his name to Anthony, rather than to fight the Muslims. Anthony, the noble knight who becomes a faithful follower of Saint Francis, dedicates his life to serving the Church with words rather than with the sword. Humble, proud,  docile, firey: these are the many facets of Anthony's character. In just thirty six years of life, Anthony becomes not only the miracle worker whom everybody knows, but also a passionate defender of justice, solidarity and social peace, the sworn enemy of usury and an untiring preacher who is always on the road ...
Antonio: Daniele Liotti
Giulietto: Enrico Brignano
Amerigo: Pepe Sancho
Nuno: Peppino Mazzotta
Tereisa: Vittoria Puccini
Pedro: Francesco Stella
Martino: Glauco Onorato
Francesco: Pedro Casablanc
Joao: Luigi Burruano
Directed by: Umberto Marino
Produced by: Luca Bernabei
Subject: Umberto Marino, Alessandra Caneva, Fernando Muraca
Story editor: Saverio D'Ercole
Dir. of Photography: Roberto Meddi
Production designer: Nino Formica
Makeup: Giancarlo Del Brocco
Costumes designer: Maurizio Basile
Music: Marco Frisina
Editor: Stefano Chierchié
Casting: Fabiola Banzi, Rosa Estevez
Executive producer: Salvatore Morello
Mediatrade producer: Anna Stoppoloni