It was at the 78. Venice International Film Festival, the TV series Blanca, a Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Jan Maria Michelini and written by:  Francesco Arlanch,  Mario Ruggeri, Luisa Cotta Ramosino, Lea Tafuri. Blanca is played by Maria Chiara Giannetta, with  Giuseppe Zeno  and  Pierpaolo Spollon  and will air in autumn in prime time on Rai 1.

At the center of the series is Blanca, a young woman who became blind as a child. The loss of her older sister, at the hands of an abusive boyfriend, makes her develop a very strong sense of justice, to the point of pushing her to enter the police. His specialty is decodage,i.e. analytical listening to all audio materials of investigations, such as interceptions and interrogations. But Blanca, although she finds herself working in an environment where her disability is experienced as an obstacle, does not let herself be confined to an office and manages to demonstrate her value and her abilities. Alongside the work challenges she then finds herself having to face the sentimental ones: contention between two men, Inspector Liguori, a colleague with many secrets, and Nanni, a young unconventional cook, must decide to whom to give his heart and his trust. To help her in these adventures her most trusted friends: the guide dog Linnaeus, a female bulldog who protects and comforts her in the most difficult moments and her friend Stella, a beautician with a very exuberant character.

Lux vide had realized the first production in the world using the holophony, a special sound recording technique that allows it to be reproduced in a similar way to how it is perceived by the auditory apparatus of man.

The series has benefited from a special artistic advice of Maestro Andrea Bocelli.

Lux Vide, the leading international audiovisual production company in the entertainment market, announces the appointment of Barbara Pavone as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of the group.

After a long managerial career spanning more than 25 years in leading entertainment and consumer goods companies, from her most recent stint at Warner Media to her experience at Unilever, Bolton Group and British American Tobacco, Barbara Pavone joins Lux Vide to lead the marketing and sales team of the largest company in the Italian scripted market.

Barbara Pavone’s international experience brings her back to the world of production and media, fully reflecting Lux Vide’s culture of solid tradition, openness to innovation, Italian creativity and international vision. As Senior Vice President Group Marketing in Warner Bros Entertainment Italia, Barbara Pavone has collected in recent years excellent results in the creation and guidance of integrated and cross-divisional marketing and digital transformation.

Lux Vide is pleased to announce a new ambitious international project: THE RISING, a three-season drama series about the human and secular story of Jesus Christ.

In collaboration with Stephen J. Davis, ex-Hasbro Chief Content Officer, the production will have Daniel Knauf (Blacklist and Carnivale) as showrunner and executive producer and Jan Michelini (Medici, Doc, Diavoli) as director. The composer of the score will be Carlos Rafael Rivera, best known for having signed the soundtrack of hit series The Queen’s Gambit, and an Emmy winner with Netflix’s Godless.

Conceived as a 3-season series, the series will have a decidedly contemporary and international approach, capable of conquering even teenagers and non-believers.

A story that, after more than 2000 years, never ceases to interest an audience of more than 2 billion people in the world.

The creative team will shortly begin pitching potential U.S. partners and the writers room will open in Los Angeles in the coming months.

Valerio Fiorespino is the Chief Corporate Officer of Lux Vide.

High-profile executive with excellent industry experience, he graduated in Law and started his professional career in RAI in 1988 at the Personnel Department and then moved on to industrial relations and press staff management.

Between 1998 and 2000 he is responsible for Personnel and Management of Key Resources, until he becomes Director of Human Resources.

In 2006, he is appointed Vice Director of TV Resources and then becoming in 2011 Director, when the management of tenders, business acquisitions and RAI fiction contracts are added to the previous responsibilities.

In 2013 he held the position of Director of Human Resources and Organization at RAI, a position he holds until 2016 when he moves to ISTAT as Head of the Data Collection, Methodologies, ICT and Communications.

In 2019 he was Chief Corporate Officer of Sparkle, the global operator of the TIM Group, the first supplier of international wholesale services in Italy and among the top ten in the world.

Lux Vide announces a new international production set to start in 2021, Sandokan.


From an idea of the producer Luca Bernabei, inspired by the popular eleven adventure novels by Italian author Emilio Salgari, Sandokan chronicles the story of the legendary 19th century pirate and his band, the Tigers of Mompracem, fighting against the colonial power of the Dutch and British empires in South East Asia.


The show will star the Turkish star Can Yaman (Daydream, Bitter Sweet) GQ’s man of the year in 2019 as Sandokan and Luca Argentero (DOC, Eat Pray Love) and his loyal friend and fellow pirate Yanez.


The show written by Alessandro Sermoneta (Devils) and Davide Lantieri (The Guest) will be a fresh and modern take to the world of Salgari, with a strong female point of view from the brave heroines such as Lady Marianna, whose casting is yet to be announced.


The production, currently in development, is set to start principal photography in 2021 between Lux Vide proprietary studios in Rome and exotic international locations.


The first season produced by Luca Bernabei, with the potential to be the start of a recurring format, will consist of eight episodes and has already caught the attention of the major European broadcasters and platforms.



ROME – 22nd December 2020 – Lux Vide has today announced the creation of a new podcast label with a slate of projects already under development, as part of a new partnership agreement with RTL, one of Italy’s leading radio networks.


COVID-19 has led to an increased surge in podcast consumption in Italy, a country where the market was already growing steadily prior to the pandemic. According to Nielsen, in 2020 podcast consumption was up by 15%, adding 1,8m more listeners compared with the previous year. IPSOS reports that by now 30% of Italians listen to at least one podcast each month, an audience of 8.5 million regular listeners.


Starting from January, Lux Vide will offer best in class original productions by deploying its world-class creative talents

Including showrunners Elena Bucaccio, Francesco Arlanch, Mario Ruggeri and Umberto Gnoli, respectively authors of hit shows “Devils”, “DOC” and “Don Matteo”, among the voices already confirmed including Luca Argentero (DOC) and Alessandro Preziosi (Medici).


The scripted and factual slate incubated under Lux Vide’s iconic production division will embrace all narrative genres, from faith, to family, including crime podcast “Alleghe” inspired by the true story behind the Alleghe mysteries, a series of murders that took place between 1933 and 1946 near the lake of the same name in the Veneto region. The podcast will be written by Elena Bucaccio and Carlo Lucarelli is in talks to be the narrating voice.


Other projects under the Lux Vide banner include “Bible Women”, an adaptation from Lux Vide’s Emmy award-winning TV movie series, told entirely from a female perspective, “Mythical Stories” a modern family twist of classic myths and legends narrated by prolific writer, theatre director and actor Giovanni Scifoni (DOC) and ‘“Against all odds”, a series dedicated to real stories of exceptional men and women.


As one Europe’s leading independent production companies behind hit international dramas, including Medici, Devils and upcoming Leonardo, Lux Vide operates its own large scale integrated production studio, where it has complete control of the production process, from creative to post-production, with an agile structure capable of immediately adapting to audio productions.



Luca Bernabei, CEO Lux Vide, commented: “This partnership between the largest television production company and the largest Italian radio is born from my personal esteem for Lorenzo Suraci, whose intelligence, entrepreneurial ability and talent in seizing new opportunities I admire. This is just the beginning of one of many future collaborations between our two companies for the launch of innovative initiatives based on mutual esteem, on the desire to dream, to always be at the forefront”


Lorenzo Suraci CEO RTL “A partnership between two market leaders, such as RTL1025 and LuxVide, will have exciting perspectives. Our goal, shared with Luca Bernabei, is to create and innovate a brand-new cross-platform product, both online and on air. Our audience will have access to a wider selection of new top-quality productions, that will strengthen the new ways of listening and enjoying online content.

Dear Sara,

In the end, you gave in too. You left Lux Vide for a better place.

Many had tried to take you away from us, media owners, producers. Everyone wanted the Queen of TV series.

But you always said no. Not for money nor for career opportunities.

You stayed for Love. Love for that project that was of Ettore Bernabei and that now is Luca and Matilde’s.

You stayed to tell stories that warmed the heart, to bring to life characters that could be like good friends to the audience. You stayed to make people dream. And also to call us late at night to set us straight.

You lived a thousand lives, because in every dame, every soldier, in every priest on a bike or financial trader there was a piece of you. You chose lights, hairstyles, lines. You edited pages of scripts and cut minutes of movies. To see the light on in your office sent us home serene.

We had the best, the unique piece, the talent that is born once in a generation.

And yet, you left us.

In the end, you accepted the offer of the Only One to whom you could not say no.

Ciao Sara, our hearts break for how much we miss you.

Please keep the light on up there.

We will look at it and will go home serene, knowing that you are there.

Have a good journey,

Luca and Paola, Matilde, Stefano, Daniele, Corrado, Manuela, Marco, Luisa, Sabina, Cecilia, Elena, Francesco, Mario, Umberto, Silvia, Chiara, Jan, all of the editorial team, the Lux Vide’s administration, production, post-production, marketing and sales, Anna, Daniela and Fausto.

Sony Pictures Television Studios to develop an adaptation for the US market in addition to distributing the original, record–breaking Italian version alongside local language remakes

Lux Vide, one of Europe’s leading independent TV producers has today announced that Sony Pictures Television (“SPT”) has picked up the exclusive format and distribution rights to their hit Italian prime-time medical drama “Doc – Nelle Tue Mani”.

The deal is the second major scripted format collaboration between Lux Vide and SPT, who have just wrapped production on the international drama “Leonardo”, starring Aidan Turner.

Praised by Italian media as a mix of “Doctor House” and “The Good Doctor”, Lux Vide’s “Doc” is based on a true story. The series stars Luca Argentero (“Eat Pray Love”) as Dr Andrea Fanti, who suffers a memory loss of the last 12 years of his life following a serious head injury, but still finds a new way to practice his profession.

The series premiered March 26 during the pandemic on Rai-1, and was a massive success drawing nearly 8 million primetime viewers and a 30% audience share, marking “Doc” as the most-watched show on Italian TV in the last 13 years.

Luca Bernabei, Lux Vide CEO, said:

“We are incredibly proud of this series and it is a shining example of Lux Vide building its alliance with SPT as we continue to expand our storytelling in major markets around the world. We feared that some people might turn away from medical storylines amid the pandemic but the opposite was true. This is a remarkable story of a doctor who has an ability for transforming his illness into a force for good. Medical stories that explore real-life heroes who step up on behalf of society when the worst things imaginable happen, have never been more relevant.”

Mike Wald, EVP, Distribution & Networks, Sony Pictures Television, said:

“Our passion at SPT is great stories – – stories that really connect to an audience. At its core, Doc is a human story with truly universal appeal and the success and acclaim it received in Italy, in this most unprecedented of years, is a testament to its uniqueness and quality. We can’t wait to bring this Italian original to the global marketplace, as well as to work with partners around the world, including here in the U.S., to develop local adaptations. We immediately loved this series when we saw it, and we are pleased to continue our collaborative relationship with Luca and all the team at Lux.”


Leonardo inizio riprese

Principal photography of our new international coproduction started in Rome on 2 December, directed by Dan Percival (The Man in the High Castle).

The eight-part series, created by Frank Spotnitz (The Man in the High Castle, The X-Files) by Big Light Productions and Steve Thompson (Sherlock), is produced by Lux Vide and Rai Fiction and will be co-produced and distributed internationally by Sony Pictures Television and in association with France Télévisions.

It will reveal the mystery of one of the most fascinating and enigmatic characters in history: a man whose genius and work are known globally and yet whose true character remains an enticing secret.

The show stars Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Hobbit) as Leonardo Da Vinci, Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor, Bates Motel), who plays Stefano Giraldi, an imaginary officer of the Milan law investigating Vinci as the suspected in a murder case and digging into his past. Matilda de Angelis (The annulment, Everything can happen) is the female lead,  in the role Caterina da Cremona. The main cast is completed by Giancarlo Giannini (Capture 22) as Andrea del Verrocchio and Robin Renucci (The Dreamers) as Piero Da Vinci, Leonardo’s father.

Last Friday 18th October, during MIA Drama, RAI Fiction and Lux Vide presented for the first time the new series Leonardo.

Leonardo will be an eight- episode series directed by Dan Percival ( already director of The Man in the High Castle) and written four-handed by Frank Spotnitz ( The Man in the High Castle) and Steve Thompson (Sherlock).  Starring as the great Renaissance genius, Aidan Turner, the Irish actor known for his role as Kili in the Hobbit trilogy and for his leading role in the BBC show Poldark . At his side, Giancarlo Giannini, starring as Leonardo’s mentor, Andrea del Verrocchio, and an international cast yet to be revealed.

To present the project on the stage of GREENLit with RAI Fiction, the section of MIA Drama dedicated to the series produced by Italian companies with international partners already “green-lit” by at least one broadcaster, the CEO of  Lux Vide Luca Bernabei, the writers Frank Spotnitz and Steve Thompson and the director Daniel Percival.

The show will be produced by Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

The presentation of Leonardo was held at MIA|DRAMA, the division of MIA dedicated to the co-production of drama series, born to promote new business opportunities and the incubation of international co-productions.