Back to the Island, the fiction co-produced by RTI and Lux Vide,  returns with a third season this Friday 18th October on Mediaset’s Canale 5.

The new season was presented to the press on 14th October.

The location remains the Island of St Peter, where we find again detective Elena Sereni and the historical cast as well as some new entries: Caterina Murino, Francesco Arca, Francesca Chillemi. New mysteries to solve, new characters to meet and new emotions to engage the audience of this soulful drama, from 18th October on air in Italy and soon available internationally.

Devils, the original series produced by Lux Vide and Sky Italia, in association with Orange Studio and OCS, Sky Studios and distributed worldwide by NBCUniversal Global Distribution, will have a premier screening at MIPCOM, the prestigious industry event held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes from 14 to 17 October. The screening is a new confirmation of the capacity of the Italian show to win the international market.

On the red carpet are expected:  Alessandro Borghi, who stars as the young and ambitious Massimo Ruggero; Patrick Dempsey, who plays the role of Dominic Morgan, CEO of NYL Investment bank; Kasia Smutniak, who stars as Nina, Dominic’s charming wife. The event will also feature directors Nick Hurran and Jan Maria Michelini.

Based on the best-seller by Guido Maria Brera, Devils is a financial thriller set in 2011 at the dawn of the European financial crisis. Massimo Ruggero (Alessandro Borghi) is a charismatic and courageous Italian banker, his successes allowed the bank to earn millions of dollars, and to be eligible for a promotion as Vice-CEO. However, a sudden scandal puts a stop to his ambitions, also pushing his CEO and mentor, Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey) to withdraw his support.

Helped by a journalist-hacker, Massimo tries to redeem his reputation and, in doing so, discovers that he is in the middle of an intercontinental financial war that crosses the five continents but that has its roots in a place very close to home.

After the presentation of the conspiracy thriller at the Los Angeles Screenings in May, the premier at MIPCOM in Cannes is another important milestone, which confirms the great attention and appreciation of the international market towards the Lux Vide series.

Alessandra Mastronardi al Festival di Venezia

There is a lot of Lux Vide this year at the Venice International Film Festival.

Many talents from our most successful TV series are taking part at the 76th edition, which began on August 28th.

Wonderful host of this year’s edition is Alessandra Mastronardi, who played the role Lucrezia Donati in Medici- The Magnificent and will soon be back on TV with the next season of the saga.

Jenny De Nucci, soon to be the young Isabella in the upcoming One Step from Heaven 5, stars as lead character of a short film for Rai Play presented during a special event of the Festival.

In Venice also Elena Sofia Ricci, who during the Filming Italy Best Movie Award that celebrates the best Italian productions at the Lido, has been awarded for her performance in Loro.

Finally, Caterina Murino, in the cast of Back to the Island 3, will host the NUOVOIMAIE Talent Award, the event which every year celebrates the best emerging actors at the Festival.

This edition of the Venice Film Festival highlights that the dialogue between cinema and TV is more intense than ever: Lux Vide has always brought international actors to TV and is proud to keep working with such talented artists.

An important recognition for Matilde Bernabei, President of Lux Vide, who  was recently nominated Cavaliere del Lavoro, the highest Order of merit for Labour in Italy.

The honor was awarded by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to  Bernabei and to 24 other Italian entrepreneurs, who will receive the title decoration in October –  a green-glazed gold cross with the shield of the Republic.

Before founding Lux Vide,  Matilde Bernabei was a journalist for Panorama, general secretary of Asip, strategy director at Montedison and managing director of the Publishing Company “Il Messaggero”.

Among the 25 newly appointed Knights, she is the only one coming from the audiovisual industry and the first woman in the sector  to be awarded the title.

Her name is added to other illustrious TV and film industry entrepeneurs, such as Aurelio De Laurentiis, Urbano Cairo and Fulvio Lucisano

Devils, the original series produced by Sky Italia and Lux ​​Vide in collaboration with Orange Studio, had an international first look at the Los Angeles Screenings.

It is the first time that an Italian series is presented in the Studios slate at the prestigious international trade event happening in Los Angeles from 18 to 24 May.

Devils, a financial thriller based on the novel by Guido Maria Brera, starring Alessandro Borghi and Patrick Dempsey,  is distributed internationally by Sky Vision.

“Lux Vide is very proud to have brought an Italian production of this level to a key event on the international market such as L.A. Screenings “, commented Luca Bernabei, Managing Director of Lux Vide:”With Nils Hartmann and Sonia Rovai of Sky Italia, we immediately agreed that we have an innovative product in many hands: content, genre , narrative formula. “

For Devils, the international adventure starts now.

The first official images of Devils were released, the new original Sky series, based on the homonymous best seller by Guido Maria Brera.

In addition to Patrick Dempsey, in the role of Dominic Morgan, CEO of the London Investment Bank and Alessandro Borghi, the unscrupulous Head of Trading Massimo Ruggero, are announced two new and interpreters of the series: Kasia Smutniak (Loro, Made in Italy, Perfect Strangers, In Treatment) which will be Nina Morgan, and Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Sherlock, House of Cards) in the role of Daniel Duval , the charismatic leader of an international organization that publishes secret financial information.

Filming for the 12th season in the Festival city starting next May

La dodicesima stagione di Don Matteo è pronta a tornare nella meravigliosa Spoleto. Le riprese della dodicesima stagione di Don Matteo, la popolare serie tv con Terence Hill e Nino Frassica, si terranno nella città del Festival a partire dal prossimo maggio.
La conferma è arrivata direttamente dalla casa di produzione Lux Vide, che ha confermato la volontà di “ambientare le vicende dei protagonisti nella città di Spoleto”. Il piano di lavorazione relativo alle riprese prevede un primo blocco nel periodo maggio-giugno 2019.
Un legame ormai consolidato, quello tra Don Matteo e Spoleto, che la stessa Lux Vide ha voluto sottolineare nella lettera di conferma, ricordando come “la troupe e il cast si sentono ormai parte integrata e non meri ospiti”.
“Ringraziamo la Lux Vide per aver confermato la fiducia e l’apprezzamento nei confronti della nostra città – ha dichiarato il Sindaco Umberto de Augustinis – Si tratta di un rapporto che consideriamo importante per Spoleto e che la città nel suo insieme ha avuto modo di consolidare negli anni. Come amministrazione confermiamo, come fatto in altre occasioni, la nostra volontà di proseguire questo percorso di collaborazione con Matilde e Luca Bernabei”.
La popolare fiction in onda su RAI UNO, prodotta dalla Lux Vide, che ha come protagonista Terence Hill nel ruolo del prete-detective, è stata girata per la prima volta a Spoleto dal maggio al novembre 2013 ed è andata in onda dal gennaio all’aprile del 2014.
L’undicesima stagione di Don Matteo, la terza consecutiva con location Spoleto, è stata girata da maggio-giugno 2017 (primo blocco di riprese) fino a novembre-dicembre (terzo e ultimo blocco) dello stesso anno, per 12 settimane non consecutive di riprese. La stagione di Don Matteo 11, composta da 25 episodi raccolti in 14 puntate, è andata in onda dall'11 gennaio al 19 aprile 2018 su Rai 1.

Even the filming of the fifth season of Un Passo Dal Cielo has ended: the troupe, after 4 months of work, will leave the magnificent places that shape the backdrop to one of the most popular TV series, the Dolomites.

Soon the shooting will move to the soundstages, where all the indoor scenes will be completed.

It’s official: filming for the fifth season of Sister Angela’s Girls has started!
Get ready and stick to our pages because we will continue to give you updates from the set!