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    Please noteLux Vide cannot accept, view or consider any materials (including but not limited to scripts, texts, artworks, literary works, music, video and / or audio materials, etc.) sent to the company and / or its employees by email, courier or any other mean unless expressly requested by Lux Vide itself. The aforementioned materials will be disregarded and automatically rejected and deleted. The sender of unsolicited above mentioned materials undertakes not to make any claims against Lux Vide for any reasons or titles.

    International Distribution

    Francesca Avalle

    International Sales Manager – European countries

    Cecilia Tosti

    International Sales Executive – Extra European countries


    Via Luigi Settembrini, 17A 00195 – Rome (Italy)
    Ph: +39 06.36174.1
    Fax: +39 06.3232297